Zen Living Room Design – De-clutter, Color and Furniture

Stressful situations are inevitable to face in the modern mundane life whether at work, school or during a visit to the market. That is why a home should be a refuge for all family members to unwind and forget all their troubles. Choosing Zen living room design can be the first step to create an environment that anyone would look forward to be in for relaxation.Zen is a philosophy that first originated in China and is applied by the Japanese which uses clarity to attain the peace of mind required for meditation. Follow the next tips to have a soothing Zen living room design.

De-clutter : The initial step to get the best of Zen living room design is to get rid of all the unnecessary items. This means that anything that stands in the face of energy flow and is rarely used must be removed for the sack of Zen. Otherwise, the very dear items can be stored somewhere else rather than sit in the living room where people should sit.

Choose the Color Palette : The second step to take is to choose the color theme for the living room. Think Feng Shui. For instance, choose colors from nature such as neutral colors like beige, green and shades of brown. Desist from using bold contrasting colors that can ruin the Zen effect. Since Zen design is all about your relaxation, you can choose your favorite colors in light shades. The only place to avoid light colors would be the flooring especially if the living room is frequented by children.

Place Furniture : Zen living room design can be attained using Japanese furniture or minimalistic furniture but with the avoidance of plastics and metals. One very functional element in Zen design is the kaidan tansu which is a chest resembling stairs that can help you stack anything in a beautiful manner.

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