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  • Useful Tips to Install a Curtain Rod Successfully

    Useful Tips to Install a Curtain Rod Successfully

    Do you need to install your home curtain rods without seeking the help of professionals? That is an easy task, but you will need just to use the right tools and to have confidence while working. This article will provide you the basic tips to install such rods successfully and easily. To install your curtain rod successfully, try to make sure that you have all of the needed tools before you begin the project. The tools you will need are a tape measure, a pencil, a drill, and a leaser or normal level in addition to the rod and curtain. You may need a ladder if you have not high and durable furniture piecesnear the window. Now, you should clear…

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  • Innovative Usages for Your Curtain Away from the Window

    Innovative Usages for Your Curtain Away from the Window

    Your window curtain usually provides you the needed privacy giving your home a unique look. However, you may use such a curtain inside or even outside your home in a marvelous way to increase the functional and decorative look in your home. Whether your curtain is thick or transparent, it will be a great option to divide a room into two parts. It will not take a considerable space of the room and will reveal the luxurious beauty in your home. You can give a certain corner of a room a degree of privacy or hide the defects of a certain wall using an elegant curtain.Moreover, the curtain may serve as an alternative door to certain rooms such as your…

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  • Warm and Inviting Window Seat Design Ideas

    Warm and Inviting Window Seat Design Ideas

    Do you have an outdoor garden or natural settings and need to share such marvelous views with your family members and visitors? The best way to make use of such space is to build window seats on the shape of your available space beside the window. Your bay windows will be a perfect place for the upholstered window seating area, as you will be able to gather all of your family members and enjoy talking or practicing different activities. Additionally, you can spend tranquil and romantic times alone in the place to enjoy inner peace away from the stress of life. Such a window will need short and lightweight curtains or even white shutters to block sunlight when needed and…

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  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Shower Curtain

    5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Shower Curtain

    Everyone has a shower and a bath at their homes. However, most people do not have a separate showering and bathing spaces at their homes because of limited budget and limited space issues, so they get a combined space for bathing and showering. The question here is: should they get shower glass doors or shower curtains? I think the answer should be the curtains for the following reasons: 1- Shower curtains colors the bathroom with your personality. The prints and designs a shower curtain has say a lot about who you are and what you consider your bathroom to be. 2- Shower curtains can be replaced easily. So, if you need to clean your shower curtains (not that it will…

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  • The 4 Basics of Choosing Your Living Rooms Blinds and Curtains

    The 4 Basics of Choosing Your Living Rooms Blinds and Curtains

    Blinds and curtains do a lot to any room in your house. They control how much light you want to lit in. They accentuate your decor and enhance the style of your room. They can also fulfill other functions like blocking dirt and grime, and insulate the area’s temperature. You have to consider some basic elements when choosing blinds and curtains for your living room. 1- The first basic element you need to consider is how much light you want in your room? Sheer curtains let more light inside your living room making it feel more bright and spacious. Such curtains are a good choice if you need much light in your living room, or if it is located somewhere…

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  • 5 Things You need to Know for Choosing Curtains

    5 Things You need to Know for Choosing Curtains

    Choosing blinds, curtains or drapes for your windows is not as easy as it seems. Curtains are part of your house décor and should be considered as important as any other piece of furniture. I believe that most of us lack the necessary knowledge on choosing curtains and that is the reason behind the disastrous look our curtains give to our rooms. Here is how to choose curtains: 1- Learn the right measurement for your curtains. First, measure the width of your window and multiply it by three. This is to make sure that the curtains will completely cover your window and that there will be no gaps when you want to block off the light. 2- The purpose of…

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  • 6 Reasons Why People Must Have Curtains

    6 Reasons Why People Must Have Curtains

    Some People think that curtains are just pieces of fabric used to cover windows to protect you from the prying eyes of the neighbors (well, you could install frosted glass for your windows). This is very wrong. We are going to show you some of the reasons why people need curtains. 1- Curtains are easy to make and this is one of the reasons why people underestimate their importance. Choose a design you want in a fabric you like, and then some sewing and cutting to prepare that part of the curtain from which you will hang it and voila, you are done. You can add some frills, attach some beads or add some decorative needlework to make the curtains…

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  • 5 Smart Tips for Choosing New Curtains for Your House

    5 Smart Tips for Choosing New Curtains for Your House

    What is the next thing you choose for your house after furniture? It is curtains off course. Curtains are not just the lengths of colorful fabrics that covers your windows. They have many purposes, most important of which is enhancing the design of your house. You will find in this article some smart tips for choosing curtains. 1- The first thing you have to do is obviously taking measurements. Measure the length and width of the windows. Add about 25 centimeters to be sure. 2- Choose a proper material to hide your curtain rails. Something like blaster will work fine and will accentuate the decor of the surrounding area. Blaster is suitable for areas like bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms.…

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  • 4 Steps and Choosing Curtains Will Be a Cake Walk

    4 Steps and Choosing Curtains Will Be a Cake Walk

    Have you ever felt like fate was playing a prank on you when you spend a large sum of money and time on making and hanging a new curtain, only to find that it looks completely out of place? Do you need some help with choosing curtains for your house? Here in this article, we will set you in the right path to knowing how choose curtains that serve your needs and make your house fabulous. 1- The first and most evident thing to do when choosing curtains for any room in your house is measuring the height and width of the windows. You do not want to end with extra lengths of fabric that make you trip whenever you…

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  • 3 Elements You Have to Consider When Choosing Bedroom Curtains

    3 Elements You Have to Consider When Choosing Bedroom Curtains

    Bedroom curtains can be defined simply as beautiful lengths of fabric cut and stitched to cover your bedroom curtains. However, making them and choosing them is not as simple. There are some elements you have to consider when choosing a curtain for your bedroom. The most important of which are décor, light and privacy. We will here discuss how to use these elements to your advantage when choosing a bedroom curtain. 1- The first and most prominent element when choosing a curtain – or any piece of furniture – is decor. You have to observe the style of your room and cleverly match the design of the curtains you choose to it. You cannot – for example – use blinds…

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  • 4 Things You Should Do If You Are Making Curtains for Your Living Room

    4 Things You Should Do If You Are Making Curtains for Your Living Room

    Choosing the right curtains for your living room is important. They are not just a great way of accessorizing your living room, but they have multiple uses as well. Curtains are great insulators, they help you protect your house from dirt while airing it, and you can use them to control the amount of light you need in your rooms. You could see now why choosing them right is an important matter. Reading the tips in this article is the first step of choosing your living room curtains accurately. 1- Decide what type of curtains you need. You have to examine the decor of your house and decide what type of curtains you would need with it. Sometime you would…

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  • 6 Substantial Steps to Choose Bedroom Curtains

    6 Substantial Steps to Choose Bedroom Curtains

    Bedroom is your special private space. You must feel comfortable and relaxed in it. Curtains are very important like any other decorative accessories. When you choose the right curtains, you will get the privacy you want in your bedroom. There are many types of curtains such as layered-curtains, pleated curtains, jabot curtains and much more. They are also available in different sizes, prints, patterns, colors, designs and themes. You could do some useful steps before choosing bedroom curtains: 1- First decide the area that you want to cover. Then measure the length and width of the window or the wall if you want floor length-curtains. And remember that you will leave a clearance of 20 cm on each side. 2-…

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  • Impressive Bed Curtain Designs

    Impressive Bed Curtain Designs

    Bed curtains add elegance and warm to your master or kid’s bedrooms. Choosing the right colors and fabrics for such kitchens will let your little girl feel that she is a princess and will give your room a romantic look and feel. The ceiling mounted bed curtain will perfectly match your little girl’s modern bedroom. You can use standard curtain rods mounted on the ceiling to create a cozy and clean look giving your daughter a relaxing and luxurious look. If you love the fairytales, you may design a similar curtain in your own bedroom with white color to match any décor or with the light shade of the room’s color. Your bed curtain can be hanged using an L…

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  • An Amazing Curtain for an Amazing Bay Window

    An Amazing Curtain for an Amazing Bay Window

    If you have bay windows; no one will be able to Penetrates your privacy if you used curtains. They will add value and elegance to your window if they were in the right quality and color. You must have a good rod to carry the weight of your curtain. It also should be able to bend when your window is not straight. A half hexagon shaped rod is a good idea for that. Choose your curtain carefully because the result may be wonderful or a disaster. Consider custom made ones as every bay window has a unique curve and it may be hard to find a suitable one. Also you should have a uniform curtain as bay windows looks to…

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  • Alternative Tiebacks to Personalize your Home

    Alternative Tiebacks to Personalize your Home

    Do you need to personalize your home using home-made and cheap items? Your home will look interesting when you use unusual items that go with the décor of your home and your personal interests. This article will provide you the information that will inspire your creativity to choose the suitable tiebacks for your curtains. Your home is full of the ideasand items that can replace your curtains’ tiebacks. For example, the shining bracelet will be a charming feminine decorative way to tie your curtain in addition to its functional role in letting the natural air and light enter the room.You can get the same feminine look when you braid three different colored ribbons to create a fashionable tieback.You can purchase…

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  • How to have a Chic Interior Decoration using Baroque Curtain Ideas

    How to have a Chic Interior Decoration using Baroque Curtain Ideas

    Shabby chic bedding line is your key to have style, comfort and a soft touch in your bedroom. Muted blues, greens, pinks and whites are the colors of this style also, use strips, and flower arrangements. Kids and Shabby Chic. Shabby Chic line is a good choice for children’s beds, because the majority of the Shabby bedding is machine washable. Shabby Chic Decorating. Buy designs which add taste, a few accessories can do that like curtains, chair coverings, runners, and shades. Use combination of old and new to have a bedroom with modern shabby chic atmosphere. Look for these things when buying shabby chic items. Firstly, it should be comfortable and soft. Lastly, make sure that the colors are perfectly…

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  • Bathroom Curtains, How to Choose them and also keep the Bathroom Clean and Healthy

    Bathroom Curtains, How to Choose them and also keep the Bathroom Clean and Healthy

    Every household have one or more bathroom in it. Every one cares about the cost, style, practicality, and weather its effective or no. the bathroom is the most room that collects bacteria, as it is always damp. So you should pick your window curtain carefully. The condensation from the hot water and the water running from the sink and toilet causes the bathroom to collect a lot of bacteria. For the window curtain in your bathroom; go for plastic and vinyl materials don’t focus on fancy pattern cloths. Plastic polymer curtains stays for a very long time more than plastic ones. They can deal better with water. Also they are very easy to clean better than cloth material curtains. Just…

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  • Who do not want Canopy Bed Curtains

    Who do not want Canopy Bed Curtains?

    Every girl dreams to be a princess, canopy bed drapes can make it come true. Don’t full under the impression it will be very expensive, do your homework and search you just may find a million dollar looking drapes. A lot of categories are there to choose a canopy bed drapes so it will be very easy to choose a suitable one for your room colors. Whatever your room is modern or classic you will find one whatever it’s a kit or separate pieces that you will make your own unique one. Purchasing your bed drapes has many possibilities but the best one is to buy it from the same store you get your room from. If you have a…

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  • How to Choose your Luxury Shower Curtain

    How to Choose your Luxury Shower Curtain?

    The bathroom is considered a very special and personal place at home. This means that it should be decorated well like other rooms to feel relax and luxurious. To decorate your bathroom, it doesn’t mean you should use expensive or different accessories; the shower curtain is very important piece to bring amazing look in your bathroom. When you choose your luxury shower curtain, you should decide if you want a curtain that matches with your bathroom or you want a new theme for the whole bathroom. Then take care about the curtain length and width to cover your shower zone. Then set your budget to buy your needs in good price. Luxury shower curtains are made of different materials. The…

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  • How to Remodel your Home with New and Luxurious Curtains

    How to Remodel your Home with New and Luxurious Curtains

    Remodeling your home with the luxurious curtains will change the entire look of the place without breaking your budget. However, you should choose the perfect size, fabric, model, and design to create a harmonized look in the place. In addition to the look, the function of the new curtains should be decided according to the function of every room in the house. This article will help you to choose the perfect curtain for every home in your home. Your luxurious curtains fabrics differ according to the nature of the room and the location of your home.If you live in a tropical or sunny area, the heavy fabrics are important to preserve your furniture and create balance in the temperature of…

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