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  • Cottage Kitchen Curtain Ideas – Cottage Curtain

    Cottage Kitchen Curtain Ideas – Cottage Curtain

    Your cottage kitchen window needs to be dressed simply or even left bare to allow the biggest amount of air enter the place. This can be achieved using transparent sheers or lightweight fabric valances. You can opt for other several choices depending on your personal preferences, the size of the window, and the needed mood. This article will provide you some ideas to help you find the suitable curtain for your cottage curtain. Your country cottage curtain will reflect your own personality. You can choose a simple curtain that will enhance the style of the place using matching colors or patterned curtain with cottage strips and prints. But you will need to avoid the fussy and overdone look.The blue or…

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  • Curtain Design Elements – Color and Fabric

    Curtain Design Elements – Color and Fabric

    The color, fabric, length of your curtain, and your personal taste are the most important elements that should be considered when you select one for any room in your home. This curtain can set the mood of every room whether it is romantic, warm, whimsical, stylish, or airy. This article will give you the outlines that you should consider when purchasing a new curtain. The color of your curtain should depend on the colors and style of the room. The style will decide if you will choose a curtain with a matching or contrasted color. The traditional styled room will need a matching colored curtain and the modern styled room will look vibrant and dynamic using contrasting colored curtain that…

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  • Country Curtain Designs – Home Style

    Country Curtain Designs – Home Style

    The country style home will be warm and welcoming so that you and your guests will be relaxed in such a home. The curtains used in this home will help you set the attitude and mood of every room according to their activities and nature. This article will provide you several outlines about these curtains to help you incorporate them into your home design. The white country style curtain will match any color used in your home. For a more country style look, try to find curtains with subdued and muted colors. Choosing the right fabrics will depend on the amount of light you need in every room. The room that will need plenty of natural light will be perfect…

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  • Modern Bathroom Window Curtain Designs

    Modern Bathroom Window Curtain Designs

    Curtains are considered as a decoration item in your bathroom but still have their functional roles. Such curtains will be able to give your bathroom a luxurious look, keep your privacy from your neighbors’ eyes, and set the mood in your kitchen according to their designs and colors. The style of the window curtain should go with the general style into your bathroom. If your bathroom is designed in the modern style, this article will give you several choices to find out the perfect curtain for your own bathroom. One of the most interesting modern curtains is the simple café curtain that can cover the lower half of your bathroom window to give your bathroom a sparkling look. . The…

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  • Traditional Mediterranean Bedroom Curtain Ideas

    Traditional Mediterranean Bedroom Curtain Ideas

    Your Mediterranean bedroom needs to be tranquil and cool or inviting and warm according to the external atmosphere. Your Mediterranean styled curtain will help you set the needed mood, but you will need to choose the right color and fabric that will match your traditional Mediterranean room. The traditional Mediterranean bedroom will be perfect with the natural raw material curtains that match the pale colored or rough plastered wall. Such a room will need crisp white cotton sheer curtain or colorful patterned one according to the look you opt to create into the room. The white sheers with wooden or wrought iron poles will create an informal, dreamy, and calming atmosphere. The privacy will be created by the external plain…

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  • Curtain Design Ideas – Home Look

    Curtain Design Ideas – Home Look

    Curtains are considered as the final touch of your home decor and the easiest way to renew the look of any room. However, you should choose the right curtain that will set the needed mood because the wrong one will increase the confusion and overdo the look into your home. Here are a few ideas to help you find the right curtains for your home. Finding the right curtain depends mainly on the shape and size of your window beside the style and décor of the whole house. In addition, you should consider the focal point in every room to decide if your curtain will match or contrast the color and design of the room. The required mood in every…

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  • Contemporary Kitchen Curtain Designs

    Contemporary Kitchen Curtain Designs

    Curtains in the contemporary kitchens are used for the windows, doors, and as room dividers between the dining, cleaning, and food preparing areas. These curtains, as well as every single piece in your kitchen, have to keep you comfortable while enjoying your time in your kitchen. This can be achieved using your favorite items taking into consideration the design, color, and size of your contemporary styled kitchen. You can add your own touch to your kitchen decor choosing your favorite color of the curtain or even designing your own artistic one. If you love the lively and sunny days, you can choose a light colored curtain that goes with the colors of the upholstered chairs and cushions used in the…

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  • Kitchen Curtains – Most Fresh & Trending Styles

    Kitchen Curtains – Most Fresh & Trending Styles

    If you’ve moved into a new house lately, it’s more likely that you’re on a budget already. An old kitchen usually comes with an out-of-date color scheme and a monotonous appearance and thus the urgent need to make a renovation. That’s when curtains with their diversity and inexpensiveness are sought after. Having that been said, here are some of the most trending styles to help you choose the ideal curtain for your kitchen. The most interesting thing is that with a single item as a curtain, you could do a dramatic makeover in your kitchen. It’s all about choosing the right type, fabric, and color though. Also your priorities have a big role in the choosing process. For instance; if…

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  • Curtain Design Tips – How to Make a Perfect Focal Point

    Curtain Design Tips – How to Make a Perfect Focal Point

    Windows and its treatments often go overlooked when homeowners look for a focal point to build around other decorations. It’s typical for a focal point to be a fireplace or a TV but when you think of a window for a focal point, that’s when creativity and originality have a moment! Fact is that windows are the only source of natural light within our houses and that light has a huge impact on interior design. When it comes to selecting a curtain, you have to articulate your priorities. For instance, do you want to install that curtain for privacy and light-control? Or is it a mere decorative piece? Is it for both purposes? How much sunlight you want to let…

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  • How to Make your Own Curtains and Valances – [DIY]

    How to Make your Own Curtains and Valances – [DIY]

    Designing your own curtain and valance is one of the most enjoyable do-it-yourself projects you could ever encounter. It’s not just about budget but it also has something to do with you making a curtain design that encompasses your favorite color, pattern, style, and fabric without compromising any. Also, by letting your creativity run wild, you could have a unique design evolving into an artistic masterpiece on its own. First step is getting the right fabric. Choose a pliable one– such as cotton or broadcloth. To get a color that best compliments your room’s color scheme, take different swatches before deciding on and place them next to major parts in your room until you find the most suitable one. That’s…

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  • PPerk Up your Living Room with Unusual Curtain Designs

    Perk Up your Living Room with Unusual Curtain Designs

    The right curtain for your living room isn’t a random one you see in the market featuring your favorite colors and pattern. Though it’s an important element, but choosing the ideal curtain, that can truly enliven up the atmosphere ever so matchlessly, usually requires various measurements, pinpointing your priorities, taking into account the style you want the room to depict, and the color palette of your living room. Even so, you’ll find endless types to choose from but that should be the fun part. First of all, the fabrics of curtains vary between silk, cotton, and faux. Silk is the most elegant and cotton offers hugest durability. There are fabrics intended to disguise any defects in the room. Other fabrics…

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  • Curtain Design Ideas Applicable to your Living Room

    Curtain Design Ideas Applicable to your Living Room

    You might not have realized it just yet, but curtains you choose to install in your living room usually speak volumes of your personality. If you choose a chenille curtain with eclectic floral textures, it shows a noble personality that likes everything the gold old fashioned way. Likewise if you decide on a colorful curtain with geometrical prints, it presents you as a cheerful person who wants his entire house to reflect the same. It’s not only about some complementing colors on a curtain, even lengths and layers are of equal importance. In order to imbue your living room with a grandeur glamorous look, consider floor length curtains with rich fabrics such as velvet or silk. Also layers would help…

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  • Having Shower Curtains In The Bathroom Is a Must

    Having Shower Curtains In The Bathroom Is a Must

    After a long day of working having a relaxing bath help to renew one’s energy level , The nowadays bathrooms are not only to serve the functionality its meant for in a typical way , Nowadays bathrooms are considered relaxing spots for the homeowners that’s why they pay too much attention to make an ergonomic theme that grant them comfort and relaxation when they are going to clean up everyday . People like to spend joyous times relaxing their bodies and clearing their minds while taking their every day’s bath , Hence giving the bathroom a luxurious design is an aim that most homeowners are aiming for . Your kitchen curtains can do wonders in giving your a luxurious and…

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  • Teenage Bedroom – Windows Treatments For Teenagers

    Teenage Bedroom – Windows Treatments For Teenagers

    If your daughter or son have grown to be teenagers and they can not do with their kids bedroom anymore , then redecorating his/ her bedroom to be suitable enough to match his / her new needs and tastes is a must , once your kid grow to be a teenager they will need more than before privacy , plus a proper place to study is highly needed in a teenager bedroom , consider these following funky ideas to decorate your teenage bedroom’s windows . Painting over your teenage bedroom’s windows glass is an affordable way to create a noticeable effect that will decorate your teenager’s new bedroom windows glass , a remarkable beautiful method to paint over the window…

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  • The Different Types Of Curtains Trends

    The Different Types Of Curtains Trends

    Curtains should be given a high importance while redecorating any room , each room of your house has its own feel that can be enhanced by a properly chosen curtain . each room of your house has windows which make curtains one of the priorities during redesigning a room . Some people don’t find the task of choosing the right curtain easy at all due to the wide variety of colors and styles available in the markets . In this article we will refer to you to some different trends of curtains that you can consider . First example is Kids Curtains , A whole different world of patterns and cartoon characters prints and colors for kids bedroom curtains ,…

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  • Kitchen Curtains – How To Choose Kitchen Curtains

    Kitchen Curtains – How To Choose Kitchen Curtains

    Kitchens are heavy working areas where a lot of actions take place everyday that’s why they require proper lighting and good air circulation hence keeping those factors into consideration while shopping for kitchen curtains is a must , your kitchen is not only the room where your dinner get prepared everyday , your kitchen also is the gathering place for your family members where they enjoy their meals and talks together then creating a warm and welcoming appeal is also a must . You can easily control all these elements by choosing proper curtains to dress your kitchen windows , A suitable kitchen curtain is the one that can give your kitchen the warm inviting appeal while serving the practical…

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  • African Safari Bedroom Curtain Ideas

    African Safari Bedroom Curtain Ideas

    Your African safari style bedroom will remind you every night with every moment you spent in your enjoying journey to the African desert and jungles. A well designed African safari curtain with matching beddings and suitable wall colors will entirely transform the atmosphere into your bedroom to create a relaxing and warm mood. This article will show you some ideas of the curtain that will enhance and complete the African safari theme into your bedroom. Your safari bedroom curtain will be a transitional part between furniture items and walls. Such a curtain should match your beddings both in fabrics, such as mud cloth, woven wool, or cotton, and colors, like the colors of nature, water, and desert. If the beddings…

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  • African Safari Kitchen Curtain Ideas

    African Safari Kitchen Curtain Ideas

    Your African safari curtain will give your kitchen a dynamic and creative look to help you cook and prepare delicious food in a cheerful atmosphere. Such a curtain can be designed according to the amount of light you need and the size of your kitchen to meet your functional and decorative needs. The color of your African safari curtain should blend with the colors used for the walls and fixtures of your kitchen.You can get a golden, brown, rust, burnt orange or sage curtain with bamboo style rods to enhance the look of your safari theme kitchen. These curtains may have animals, palm trees, or jungle trees prints. If you want to feel that your safari kitchen belongs to you,…

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  • Selecting Curtains For Your New Daughter’s Bedroom

    Selecting Curtains For Your New Daughter’s Bedroom

    If your little daughter has grown out of her baby bedroom and it is time to redecorate her bedroom to suit her new needs and you are not sure how to make a selection for the curtains for your little girl’s new bedroom design . The suitable curtains for little girls bedrooms come is a wide various of shapes , colors and materials . we will give you below a brief description for the different types of curtains that are suitable for little girls rooms . Have a patterned curtains that complete the rest of the patterns in your daughter’s bedroom , for example if your daughter’s bedroom have butterflies , polka dots or fairies patterns choose curtains that have…

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  • Animal Printed Shower Curtains

    Animal Printed Shower Curtains

    Most people like to stick with a specific theme when they are remodeling their bathroom as it is becoming a popular fashion trend, Animal prints theme is one of the most popular chosen themes for bathrooms , therefore the animal prints shower curtains are manufactured and available to purchase in a very wide range and you surely will find the right shower curtain that will compliment and match your bathroom . First thing you want to ask yourself is what color scheme you want your animal prints shower curtain to have are lighter colors more suitable or darker colors will match better? Animal prints style blend nicer with darker colors some of the best suggestions are panda , tiger or…

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