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  • Living room cabinets – different designs

    Living room cabinets – different designs

    Most of us have different items that are precious in the financial or moral value such as expensive books , art work or a specific memorial or even trophies and we would like to keep them in a safe home where they would be preserved against dust , damage or breakage while they are still displayed in a tidy organized way where they would be simply transformed into a decorative piece of furniture that beautifies your living room and you can show off of these valuable pieces in front of your guests. The living room cabinets are a brilliant way to display these items, living room cabinets are designed to serve many purposes or a single purpose due to the…

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  • Redecorate your living room on a limited budget

    Redecorate your living room on a limited budget

    Living room is the heart of the house it is where the whole family meet and share time and different activities such as watching TV , welcoming guests , reading or speaking about important matters for the family. Your living room is the main room to represent you and your family preferences and tastes to your guests . Decorating over you living room could be a costly step to take , yet adding some new touches to your living room can give you the effect of a whole new room without the need to spend too much . If your living room walls are painted in lighter colors and you want to add life to your living room then instead…

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  • Sports interior design ideas for living rooms

    Your living room is mostly the most visible part in your house , in addition to the multi purposes that your living room serve.  Your living room is mainly the part of your house that will speak of you the most and reflect your tastes and preferences it is also where the family members usually meet and share activities such as watching a movie on a weekend night or ,speaking about important matters that concerns the family, and surely its where the family welcome their guests. If you are sportive or loyal to a specific sport team or player and you want to show off your loyalty to that team proudly , or you just want to be surrounded by…

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  • Home Office Combined with Living Rooms for Small Spaces

    Home Office Combined with Living Rooms for Small Spaces

    If you need to work from home, then you have to resort to a home office. Sometimes, the only place to put your house office in is the living room. In order to share the living area with a home office successfully, you need to take several factors into consideration. A home office should be an area for work only. So, make sure that your home office is separate from the rest of the living room in order to avoid noise. At the same time, your home office must include all the accommodations that can help you be successful at work. Hence, you should get the necessary furniture such as a desk, some chairs, shelves, …. etc. You will also…

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  • Modern and Stylish Window Treatments for your Living Room

    Modern and Stylish Window Treatments for your Living Room

    How much money did you spend on your air conditioner and energy in your living room? Do you need a natural way to calm the summer’s heat in your living room while saving energy? Your special kinds of wall treatments will offer for you a great chance to enjoy your private time relaxing in the soft and romantic filtered light. To enjoy your stylish window treatment, you will need a good plan to choose the appropriate kind of treatments. First, take the right measurements of your window from all dimensions taking into consideration its kind and location. Then try to assess the amount of sun rays coming into your living room and the nature of activities done there according to…

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  • White Living Room Accessories

    White Living Room Accessories

    White living room is considered as one of the most elegant modern rooms. That’s because white is relaxing and peaceful color. All of what you need to decorate your white living room is smart planning creativity, and a talent of arrangement. The whole color and design of your living room has to be co-ordinated. You can place a round rug with natural color and design in the center of the room. A colorful curtain with simple designs will reflect the elegancy of your living room. If the walls are painted by a shade of white, you may decide the color of furniture according to this shade. Red and blue are always desired with white. You may use few pillows with…

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  • Lighting your living room

    Lighting your living room

    The way of lighting your living room in itself is an art. You need to select the different types of lighting carefully because of the importance of the room itself. Living room is the place where you and your family spend most of the day watching TV, reading, playing video games, spending an interesting time with your guests, or even taking some rest. Lighting your living room can deeply affect your mood when taking some rest or doing your affairs in the living room. So, try to be systematic in lighting your living room. To install new lamps, take the right measurements to insure that its high is enough to avoid the door swing and the tall people. Try to…

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  • Beautiful Cushions to Redecorate Your Living Room

    Beautiful Cushions to Redecorate Your Living Room

    An important means of improving the interior of a house is increasing the elegance of the living room. More families are using design cushions for this purpose. This is because cushions are considered among the most essential decorative items that help in making the interior of the house look more attractive and stylish. A crucial factor in choosing designer cushions is the type of furniture in the living room. In other words, both the material and color of the furniture play an important role in choosing designer cushions. At the same time, it is necessary to keep up to the changing trends in designer cushions because there are new designs and trends every day. You can use the internet in…

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  • Living rooms accessories and focal points

    Living rooms accessories and focal points

    Living rooms are no longer the space specified for welcoming guests only, living rooms are now becoming so much multipurpose and considered the strongest focal point in the whole house. Specially that living rooms are mostly connected to dinning rooms and kitchens in contemporary houses. Furnishing and accessorizing your living room is not a hard task as it seems to be, there are some essential factors that you should follow if you are deciding to furnish and accessories your living room by yourself . You probably want to start from scratch . first determine your focal point of the room , whither it will be LED TV with a home theater system which is the most popular choice in the…

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  • Tips for Creating an Elegant Living Room

    Tips for Creating an Elegant Living Room

    Are you searching here and there for an elegant way to form your special living room? These tips will give you crucial ideas and satisfying answers. Creating an elegant living room needs some creativity and good planning. Taking into consideration that people have different tastes, you have to depend on your creativity to satisfy all the tastes, especially yours. First of all, decide your budget, design and desires for the room. Having naughty children or tight budget, for example, would affect the quality and kind of the room’s furniture. After a considerable thinking about such elements decide your desired look for the room; then take your accurate measurements leaving enough space for the doorway. It would be better, to create…

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  • Outstanding 70s Living Room design ideas

    Outstanding 70s Living Room design ideas

    Are you one of the ’70s admirers? If so, then you need to read this article carefully in order to be able to transform your living room to look like something out of the 1970s? First of all, use your memory and remember the role of prints and intricate patterns of that time. It is not hard task to add wild animal prints and bold flower patterns on smaller items, such as cushions, curtains and foot-stalls. To evoke the atmosphere of the ’70s, opt for furniture that is heavily decorated in paisley, plaids and stripes. You can also use printed fabrics as pieces of artwork and to enhance the 70s style, try to get the wing chair. Mock-wood wall paneling…

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  • Decorating living room on a Budget

    Decorating living room on a Budget

    Living room is the place where the family members receive their guests and spend most of their time at home. It has to be attractive and highly decorated because it reflects the house owners’ personalities. Reading this article will help you to decorate this part of your house without affecting your tight budget. Let the work begin by painting your walls. To decorate your living room on a budget, you will do this task with no help even in panting or in choosing the color and the way of painting. But generally, try to use some bright colors to spread pleasure and comfort around the room. Be careful, because the result could be too bright and harm eyes. It would…

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  • A Few Ways to Modernize Your Living Room

    A Few Ways to Modernize Your Living Room

    The living room is the most frequented area of the home so we should pay more attention on living room furniture sets. Here are some tips that will surely help you to create an impression of modernization in your living room. Have a look! To doll up your living room, try to choose the right type of contemporary lounge furniture, such as the Barcelona chair and sofa. To make your contemporary lounge furniture really stand out, paint the walls in neutral colors. Using lighting accessories, such as vanity strips and ornament lights can add a real touch of freshness to your living room. To reflect a contemporary look of your furniture, then you need to paint the living room walls…

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  • Modern Coffee Table for Stylish Living Room

    Modern Coffee Table for Stylish Living Room

    Give your space a functional, stylish edge by using modern coffee tables. In this article, we produce you some tips that will need to be included before buying new modern coffee tables and at the end of this article we show you the benefits of using modern coffee tables. Need the perfect modern coffee tables for your living room? Firstly, you need to consider the size of your living room and most importantly is to consider the furniture that will surround the coffee table, and the style of decor that is featured in the room. Don’t forget to determine where you will place the table and measure the space perfectly. Before buying a new table, try to make sure that…

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  • The Living Room Everyone Wants

    The Living Room Everyone Wants

    The living room is the centerpiece of any home and the first place your guests see so it is the traffic hub of life. In this article, we have just shared some ideas that might help you to make your living room more attractive and inviting on a budget. Choosing the right furniture pieces for your living room is a complex task but essential furniture pieces for modern living room are a sofa set, a centre table, and a pair of side tables. For maximum comfort, place a coffee table with two pairs of chairs beside your living room window. Take into account, the living room should have plenty of seating to help in creating a welcoming feeling. Remember, when…

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  • Modernize Your Living Room

    A Few Ways to Modernize Your Living Room

    The only room that deserves to put your heart and soul into designing is the living room. Modern living rooms can really be offset, just use your imagination. Below are some amazing ideas that might help you to give your living room an entirely new look. Adding leather pillows to your modern living room can do wonders but make sure to choose from designs with names, like gold lime spike, red coil, red dot, and bright quad. Leather pillows are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your requirements. To spice up your living room, then you need to add a fresh coat of paint. You can use sleek, elegant colors, such as bright whites, bold blacks,…

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  • The advantages of Traditional Living Room furniture

    The advantages of Traditional Living Room furniture

    You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a wonderful looking living room, just read this article and with a little time, effort and enthusiasm you can create so much. In this article, we present some benefits of using traditional living room furniture as well as tips on how to care about traditional furniture. The benefits of traditional living room furniture: Using traditional furniture can give your living room a touch of royalty. The traditional living room furniture includes styles, such as the clean and simple lines of Shaker furniture. If you decided to opt for traditional living room furniture, then you should make sure that your living room is big enough as traditional living room furniture pieces are…

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  • 15 Beautiful ideas for a small Living Room

    Most people would love to have a living room that is large and spacious so we produce some tips that might help you to make your small living room look larger as no one can ignore the fact that the spacious living room adds an aesthetic value to home. • Choosing the right furniture for your living room can make wonders and indeed, there are various types of materials that are used nowadays to create special home pieces, such as wood, metal, and different types of alloys. • When it comes to choosing the right furniture type, then nothing can beat wooden furniture. • It is important to consider the size of your living room before buying new furniture pieces…

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  • make your backyard and living room more fun

    make your backyard and living room more fun

    Are you a fan of nature? If you are going to enjoy your backyard this season, the best idea is to decorate your yard with functional items. In this article, we present some creative ideas to help making your dream backyard and turn your dull living room into a wonderful spot for having a family conversation or watching an interesting movie. The backyard: First of all, you should create a focal point in your backyard; a fire pit can serve proudly as a focal point. Just place a few chairs around the fire pit you will instantly have a living room experience. To add a welcoming feel within your backyard, try to add stylish outdoor furniture and solar lamps. When…

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  • 7 Gorgeous Tips for arranging living room furniture

    7 Gorgeous Tips for arranging living room furniture

    Living space can serve a multitude of functions, whether it can be a formal sitting area, a space for reading and relaxation or for entertaining guests, watching television, playing games and spending time with family. Below are some tips that will need to be included when buying new furniture for your living room and how to arrange your living room furniture. Before buying new furniture pieces for your living room, you should consider the size of your living room, by this way you will buy the right furniture pieces that fit in the room. Always go for warranties; opt for furniture that has a warranty. Don’t buy anything you can’t afford. To impart a charming touch within your living room,…

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