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  • 7 Tips to Make Your Living Space Larger

    7 Tips to Make Your Living Space Larger

    There are many secrets to decorating small houses you would not imagine. So, if you live in a small home, we can help you to transform your small house to a really big kingdom. Just read these stunning tips about enlarging small spaces. 1- Before doing anything, you should empty your home from unnecessary stuff like books, magazines or toys you do not use. These things take up space and they become something that crowds your vision. As soon as you clear the room, you will feel comfortable about the result you have. 2- In order to let more light enter your house, you have to clean the windows. That aids in making your room look bigger. 3- Also clean…

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  • 4 Things You Should Do If You Are Making Curtains for Your Living Room

    4 Things You Should Do If You Are Making Curtains for Your Living Room

    Choosing the right curtains for your living room is important. They are not just a great way of accessorizing your living room, but they have multiple uses as well. Curtains are great insulators, they help you protect your house from dirt while airing it, and you can use them to control the amount of light you need in your rooms. You could see now why choosing them right is an important matter. Reading the tips in this article is the first step of choosing your living room curtains accurately. 1- Decide what type of curtains you need. You have to examine the decor of your house and decide what type of curtains you would need with it. Sometime you would…

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  • 4 Tips on Choosing The Perfect Colors for Your Living Room

    4 Tips on Choosing The Perfect Colors for Your Living Room

    The living room is the center of action in your house. You sit there with your family members to chat and watch TV, founding by this the tight family bond over years. You also receive and entertain your guests there. Sometimes you even get your afternoon nap there when you feel like changing the view from your bedroom. Therefore, it is given that it is an important place and thus should be decorated carefully. You will learn here a few tips on choosing the perfect colors for your living room. 1- Choose colors for your living room that match with the colors in the rest of your house. Colors should have harmony. Choosing colors that are not suitable with the…

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  • Stunning Sofa Designs for Stylish Living Room

    Stunning Sofa Designs for Stylish Living Room

    Starting with the stylish corner sofas, they are called sectional sofas as well, these sofas mix between being functional and stylish at the same time. Their amazing different designs make them the perfect choice for small and large rooms; just take the measurements and choose whatever fits your needs. What makes it so functional is that, you can put it as one piece and if you have sectional seating, you will be able to move its parts around if you want a different design. They are so comfortable and add a very warm look to your room. It’s perfectly matching with modern and contemporary designs. Moving to modern sofas, the main feature that distinguishes any modern design is its clean…

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  • How to Renovate Your Living Room in 8 Easy Steps

    How to Renovate Your Living Room in 8 Easy Steps

    Redecorating living room is a great thing. It gives your home a luxurious look. These clever steps will help you change your living room to reflect your taste and personal style with a small budget. 1- Clean the room: When a room is clean, it will look better. That enables you to know what you like to change and what you like to keep. 2- Set a budget: Before going shopping, you must set some sort of budget. Redecorating doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money; there are some ways to redecorate without spending a fortune. 3-Make a list: Make a list of things you want change in the room. Then consider your budget and find…

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  • 8 Secrets to Make Your Small Living Room Seem Spacious

    8 Secrets to Make Your Small Living Room Seem Spacious

    There is no doubt that living room is the most important room in our houses. As it is used for welcoming guests, relaxation and reading books, etc. If you are stuck in a small living room. Don’t worry! There are many secrets that can help you to make your living appear larger. 1-The clutter: If your living room is too cluttered, you have to clean it instantly because clutter over time becomes a part of your living which can make a room appear smaller. 2- The windows: Always clean your window and Remove any heavy curtains or accent drapery from around the window. Opt for shiny windows since they’ll let in more light. 3- The mirrors: Mirrors are the magical…

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  • 5 Tricks You Have to Do to Give Your Living Room a Gorgeous Rustic Look

    5 Tricks You Have to Do to Give Your Living Room a Gorgeous Rustic Look

    The decor styles you could choose from to remodel your living room are many. Some of these décor styles are traditional, some are modern, and some are what you could call a mixture of both. Many people prefer rustic décor for its beauty and simplicity. Rustic style gives your living room a warm and cozy feeling. We shall tell you here a few things about rustic décor if you are planning to decorate your living room with it. 1- Rustic decor derives its beauty from simplicity. You will find that the materials are left in their original condition. There is no smoothing of wood or priming and lacquering of materials with an assortment of chemicals. Everything is left the way…

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  • The 4 Basics of Styling Your Living Room with Modern Design

    The 4 Basics of Styling Your Living Room with Modern Design

    In the last fifty years or so people have started to use modern designs instead of traditional ones. Modern designs are known for their simplicity and beauty. They also reduce depletion of natural materials like wood and natural fabrics, since they depend on using metal, plastics and faux leathers and fabrics. If you are considering styling your living room according to modern design, there are few things you have to think about, and which we are going to discuss here. 1- Modern design uses simple lines and geometric shapes. There are no detailed patterns and weird shapes. You will not find any excessive decorations in the furniture. They are all simple in lines and geometric in form. 2- Modern designs…

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  • Breezy Beach Living Room Decorating Ideas

    Breezy Beach Living Room Decorating Ideas

    Are you eager to live by the sea or near the ocean? Actually, your dreams may come true if you can decorate your place with a beach theme; especially if you have an outdoor natural setting. This article will provide you a few guidelines to decorate your living room using a beach theme. The open and airy feel is the main feature of the beach living room as you will need several large windows and low furniture to let the natural light and air flow into the room. You can choose the accessories according to your living room style and your own experiences with sea. The rustic styled living room will enable you to create a cabin feel using wooden…

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  • How to Choose a Perfect Living Room Carpet

    How to Choose a Perfect Living Room Carpet

    Your living room can serve as a family room and guest’s room at the same time; so, it needs to be comfortable, warm, and inviting. One of the elements that will enhance that warm and inviting feel is the carpet that should be selected carefully. This article will guide you to the perfect way of choosing such a carpet. The soft and luxurious carpet will comfort your feet and let your family members, especially the kids, do their activities without risks.That’s why you should choose a thick and dense carper with a perfect natural or artificial fiber such as wool, nylon, polyester, and Olefin. Choosing this carpet with a supporting padding made of rubber or foam to conceal the imperfection…

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  • How to Create a Traditional Living Room with a Modern Touch

    How to Create a Traditional Living Room with a Modern Touch

    If you need to create an electric and alive living room, you will need to forget the idea of a matching look and use different colors, patterns and designs. Designing such a room will let you utilize antique and clean lined furniture, rich and vibrant colors, and luxurious and simple designs. All of what you need is to create harmony and balance among the elements you will incorporate in the room. To give your existing traditional living room a modern touch, you will need to add modern elements according to the final look you need to create. For example, the antique traditional seating area may need simply a modern coffee table with a simple area rug to brighten up your…

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  • How to Design your Ideal Living Room

    How to Design your Ideal Living Room

    To design your perfect living room, you should first outline your dream designand compare it with the available space in your home. Then, you can define the details such as the exact space for TV place and storage, the seating area, the bookcase, and the storage cabinets. The lighting system, flooring options, and window coverings will be your next choice to create your ideal living room. Your living room will be reflection of your personality before your guests and friends.Such a room will be designed according to the size of your room. The seating area can be placed with a round setting at the middle of the room if you have a large space. If the room is smaller, you…

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  • Stone Living Room Luxurious designs

    4 Designs of Luxurious and Stylish Stone Living Rooms

    The natural stones can give any place a sophisticated and luxurious look; especially the rooms that have natural themes. You can give your living room that glamorous inviting look when you use natural stone floor, furniture, and wall accents. This article will help you to design such a room. The marble or granite natural stones will enhance the luxurious and unique look of your living room with their unique designs. You can find stone looking furniture pieces such as sofas with chaise cushions and accent pillows covered with chenille fabric with light marble or granite colors. The Nicholas and stone coffee table will complete the luxurious look of your stone seating area. If this furniture pieces are placed in front…

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  • Elegant Minimalist Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas

    Elegant Minimalist Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas

    The minimalist modern design will bring freshness, brightness, and elegance to your living room. The main rule of the minimalist decoration is” less is more”; so, you will need to reduce the furniture, accessories, and colors to give the room a clean and elegant look. Decorating your modern minimalist living room using classy colors such as white with black and grey will give the place a balanced and calming look. However, if you need to add a new life to the room, you can use accessories with bold colors such as orange, green, and red. To create a sense of balance in the room, you can paint your walls plain white with light wooden floor covered with a geometrical shaped…

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  • Chalet Living Room Amazing Design Ideas

    Chalet Traditional Living Room Amazing Design Ideas

    If you are lucky to have a home in natural surroundings, it will be a great idea to design a chalet-styled living room or even a chalet-styled home. The outer green look will help you relax and forget the burdens of life in a few seconds. The way of designing your chalet living room should enhance that theme. The warm feeling of the chalet living room always comes from the wood-burning fireplace or the cast-iron stove connected to the high stone chimney in addition to the usage of wood around the room. You can replace the fireplace with a blue, brown or green tiled oven that almost reach the ceiling and surrounded by the seating area to give the room…

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  • Luxurious Fireplaces for Modern Living Rooms

    6 Luxurious Fireplaces for Modern Living Rooms

    Having a modern living room doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice the warmth of the fireplace. You can find modern and innovative modern fireplaces to give your living room the same luxurious look of the traditional rooms. This article will provide you an idea about the modern designs for your luxurious fireplace. The best way to add a warmth and luxurious look to your modern living room is to install an innovative fireplace. For example, you can install a Big Flame fireplace that is made of stainless steel and looks like a candle flame. Such a fireplace is operated with ethanol to let you avoid the harmful smokes and hated odors. If you haven’t a separate space for your fireplace,…

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  • Awesome Modern Coffee Tables for a Stylish Living Room

    Awesome Modern Coffee Tables for a Stylish Living Room

    Most of the families prefer to spend certain times together in their living rooms watching television or just taking with each other. The choice of every piece of furniture in this room should satisfy the general taste of all of your family members in addition to your regular friends or visitors. For example, the unconventional and luxurious coffee table will blend perfectly with your modern living room; especially if the whole room has sleek and luxurious look. The plant growing with volcanic feet coffee table is made of solid French oak frame and lacquered surface incorporated to medium density fiber boardsto provide you a soft and sleek feel. The table has built-in planters to let you add a green and…

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  • Modern Asian Living Room Decorating Ideas

    Modern Asian Living Room Decorating Ideas

    As a family, you will need to spend times every day together in a nice and comforting atmosphere to strengthen your relationships and practice your hobbies. The best way to achieve this dream is to design a modern Asian living room or even add elements of Asian culture to your existing room. The perfect decoration for such a room will create a sense of balance in the room giving you a Zen feel. The expensive wood and rich colors can give your modern Asian living room an authentic look. You can paint the wall beige and dark brown, sage green, bisque, slate gray, or sand yellow to give the room a Zen look. The Asian shoji screen is a popular…

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  • 3 Clever Tips for Small Living Rooms

    3 Clever Tips for Small Living Rooms

    Nowadays, people prefer living in studio apartments. Such studios are inexpensive and more available than larger condominiums. Nevertheless, living in such small spaces is not without disadvantages. Let us point out that a studio apartment has only one open room that should be utilized for many purposes. How to create separate spaces in this open room, make it less crowded, and make these studios look like larger homes? All these are questions will be answered here. 1- Go for functional choices. In order to succeed in designing a small space, the most important tip you need to follow is functionality. Living in a small place, unquestionably, means that you have a very limited room for storing things, and consequently, you…

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  • Do You Like White How about White Living Rooms

    Do You Like White? How about White Living Rooms?

    More and more people nowadays chose to paint and furnish their rooms white. There are even celebrities who ask the hotels they are going to stay in to give them all-white rooms. It is not really puzzling since white is a relaxing soft color that conveys peace and purity. It is also handy for making your room look more spacious. But there are few things you have to consider if you are planning to have a white living room, and which we will discuss here. First thing you have to think about before going on the process of “whitening up” your living room is: why do you want it white? Do you want it because your living room is somewhat…

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